Thursday, September 18, 2014

Internet Usage in the Elderly:

Ready to join the age of the internet but don’t know where to begin? Research shows that billions of people across the globe log onto the internet daily, but it seems to be that the elderly are not included in those statistics. The lack of internet usage by the elderly can mainly be attributed to the sheer unfamiliarity of the world wide web and all the other technology associated with it. As unfamiliar, vast, and foreign the internet may be to an elderly person there are many worthwhile benefits that come along with surfing the web. First off, new studies show that internet usage in the elderly can help prevent depression. As people age they begin to feel isolated and lonely the internet can reverse those feelings. The internet is a great place for the elderly to promote sociability and connect with others, through platforms such as Facebook, Email, Blogs and more. There is no better feeling that connecting with an old friend, or even making new ones. A second major benefit of internet usage for the elderly is increased brain function. As you age it is important to keep your mental capacity at its peak. The best way to do that is keeping your mind stimulated, and the internet does just that. Still doubtful? Research has proven that even minimal internet usage in the elderly can improve brain function and efficiency.  

So where do you begin on your new journey in cyberspace? The answer lies in two important points. Firstly, the best way to learn is by being taught by somebody who is experienced. Find a relative or friend who is willing to teach you the basics of internet usage to get you started. Ask them to show you how to do internet searches, internet shopping, and helpful functions like copy and paste. Once you have learned from others the next step is trying it out yourself. Take time to explore the wonders of cyberspace on your own. Just like many things in life, surfing the internet needs practice.

There has never been a better time to begin using the internet. So much can be done on the internet such as shopping, banking, and learning about the world around you. What are you waiting for? Now is the time!

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