Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home Security Tips for Seniors:

Many seniors enjoy living on their own or with a loved one. However, statistics show that the elderly are at high risk for crime inside the home, mainly burglary. Below are tips that guide seniors to having a safe home at all times.

1. Many times old windows and doors begin to rot and make it difficult to lock. Make sure each door and window in your home can be properly locked and secured. If possible, consider looking into a home alarm system that is connected to your local police station.

2. Never leave a spare key under a front door mat or in a mailbox. This is generally where they are hidden, and the first place where burglars tend to look.

3. Make sure you have adequate lighting outside the perimeter of your home, including the street. Additionally make sure your home address is clear and visible from the street. This will make sure that your house can be easily found in case of an emergency. 

4. Become friendly with your neighbors and let them know if you will be away from home for a few days or an extended amount of time. Kindly ask them to keep an eye out for any strange or suspicious activity on your property while you are away.

5. Before letting a service worker in your home (such as utility workers or even policemen) check his or her identification card and call the company to make sure it is scheduled. Do not open the door or let anybody into your home without verifying it first.

6. Inside your home keep all your valuables in a safe place, such as a fire-proof safe. If you choose to keep items like passports, jewelry, and large amounts of money in a safe make sure you remember the code or have a spare key. Never leave any valuables out in the open, such as on a dresser. This will prevent easy theft in case of a burglary.  

7. Still keep your money in your mattress? You may want to think twice about that and keep in safely in a bank. In the homes of the elderly burglars generally look in the mattress of the home where lo and behold they find lots of cash. Keep your money safe!

Following these few tips will ensure each elderly person will have a safe and happy home!

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