Monday, July 28, 2014

Be HIPAA Safe and Shred Your Medical Documents | Beach Terrace Care Center

 Medical documents, bank statements, credit cards and papers with personal and revealing information tend to pile up and fall under the radar. Letting one of these crucial pieces of personal information slip away into unknown hands has potential for extreme danger. When your private information gets into the wrong hands it usually leads to identity theft, money loss, and lots of stress. With such strict HIPAA laws, it can even be illegal to not properly dispose of medical documents.

Although nowadays much identity theft comes from information that is stored digitally, there is still a great possibility of your information been stolen from physical papers and documents. So what can you do to make sure your private documents don’t end up in the wrong hands? Shred them! Shredding your documents systematically and routinely can clear the anxiety of losing personal information to the likes of identity thieves. This is something Beach Terrace Care Center takes very seriously.

Make it a habit to shred all of your excess and leftover documents every one or two months, depending on how much paper you accumulate of course. If you do not have access to a shredder many office-supply stores have a secure and reliable way to shred your documents, and some companies will even send a shredding truck to your home. In terms of digitally stored information, backing up the data on a hard drive and removing the obsolete waste is also a preventive measure. Shredding companies will also deal with your hard drives as well. Make shredding all your health documents a habit to ensure your private information is read by your eyes only!  ​

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